Mobile application for Barnaul City Power Grid clients

Mobile apps have already become part of our life! There is nothing more convenient than listening to music, watching videos, or new items from your favorite online store in your free minute through smartphone applications. But apps aren't just about entertainment! With the help of some, we can solve everyday issues on the run. For example, you no longer need to call the management or supply company to transmit meter readings, pay bills, or order the necessary documents.

Now Barnaul City Power Grid clients can perform these routine actions where and when it is convenient for them — using a special mobile application.

Key technical features of the project:

  • Applications are written based on "1C-Bitrix: Mobile Application" using Javascript and HTML5;
  • Integration with payment acceptance service "Uniteller";
  • Adaptive layout;
  • Implemented for iOS and Android platforms.

Service features:

  • Sending of meter readings;
  • Debt / overpayment check on a personal account;
  • View receipts;
  • Ability to leave a request or contact the company;
  • The ability to track the history of payments and transmitted readings of metering devices;
  • Push notifications to enter readings and other reminders.

To get access to all the functions of the mobile app, the client needs to log in. You need to use the same username and password to enter the cabinet, as from the web version of the personal account developed by us. If the client starts using the app for the first time, then he needs to register, which will take no more than a minute and require a minimum of input data.

What tasks do we solve?

  • Increasing the level of engagement of the company's customers due to an additional way of interaction;
  • Saving clients' time on routine operations;
  • Attracting a new group of consumers.


The design follows the general style of the company. We paid great attention to the company's logo (power transmission tower). It is used as an app icon and is displayed at the splash screen. Customers who have installed the application see it on the desktop of their smartphone, which certainly has a positive effect on brand awareness.

Similar to the web version, the design is made in a restrained style, it excludes too bright and flashy elements that could distract the user and negatively affect his work with the application.

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