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Some life situations develop in such a way that you simply cannot do without the help of a competent lawyer. What do people do in such cases? Ask friends or spend a lot of time online looking through the resume of the legal lawyers. It's easier now! The new platform Ludiprava is developed by Freematiq specialists on lawyers and trustee search and it will help you to find “your” specialist easily. This is the first goal of the project.

The second is to help people separate the concepts of "lawyer" and "jurist". The developed portal contains a database of exclusive lawyers who can assist in both civil and criminal law..

Service features:

  • For lawyer cards sorting a convenient and multitasking filter is used;
  • All registered lawyers undergo a complex multi-stage moderation, thus only real and competent lawyers are represented on the portal;
  • In the lawyer's card there is an opportunity to leave a comment and recommendation for work (each review is moderated manually, fake reviews are blocked);
  • Competition — there is an opportunity for the client to describe his situation, designate the terms, the price that he is ready to pay for services and receive offers from lawyers who are ready to take on this work;
  • The client can see a map showing the location of lawyers (on request), indicating the distance to and from the metro;
  • There is a timetable for both the lawyer and the client with free time for the appointment. A registered trustee can book a convenient time in one click;
  • There is a flexible system of tariff plans;
  • Integration of the portal with social networks is developing;
  • It is possible to sign up from any device not only for a personal consultation but also for an online one with a lawyer. With such a record, the consultation takes place online in your personal account, and documents can be exchanged directly in the chat.

Personal account features:

  • Filling out a personal profile: photo, work history, work experience, certificates, diplomas, scans of won cases;
  • Choosing a specialty and specialization for a more accurate filter;
  • Appointment reminder for a certain amount of time;
  • Participation in competitions;
  • Creating a schedule for an appointment with the possibility to edit depending on whether it is busy (option to postpone or cancel an appointment);
  • There is a button to preview your profile, so you can see how the filled information will look for visitors.

What tasks do we solve?

  • With the help of the service you can find “your” lawyer;
  • At the moment, the list of lawyers is available for Moscow, in the future the list of regions will be expanded;
  • Assessment of the level of proposed lawyers (competence, experience, number of consultations carried out through the portal, etc.)


The work began with a conceptual element that should become a distinctive feature of the portal and carry the meaning of the project itself. The logo is made in the form of a magnifying glass, it is an indirect indication of the scrupulousness of lawyers, their desire to get to the very essence..

The main principles of portal design are accessibility, accents, and brevity. The corresponding color scheme, iconography, fonts, and UI Kit were developed. Every element of the interface has been carefully thought out and styled.

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You can evaluate the project and join the ranks of lawyers at Ludiprava right now