Aggregation of requirements

Aggregation of requirements - pre-project preparation. The pre-project study helps to choose a project development strategy before starting the design, to check the reasonableness of the product implementation.

During this stage we:

  • We focus on business tasks:
    • What business problems should you solve with the help of us?
    • What are the limitations of the business?
    • What solutions are there at the moment?
    • How will you evaluate the result?

  • We are looking for a solution for user needs:
    • Who is the user of the product?
    • What are the goals of users, what problems are they trying to solve?
    • What are the expectations of the product?
    • What habits do users have?
  • We take into account the specifics of your market for effective product implementation and monetization
    • What solutions are already on the market?
    • How can you adapt them to your goals?
    • How do they earn and is there a need for it?
  • Choosing a platform for implementing the solution according to the optimal ratio: implementation time / price / technical capabilities:
    • We evaluate the pros and cons of choosing a technology for implementation.
    • Does technology allow you to implement user interaction without losing the quality of processes?
    • How quickly a product can be implemented using the selected technology.

As a result of the work, we get:

  • Portraits of target characters with behavioral characteristics, goals and pains
  • Description of competitors and analogs with conclusions, how we can adapt their solutions to your business and offer advantages
  • Product concept with version plan for implementation
  • Draft product architecture for further design