Autotests are an irreplaceable tool in maintaining the quality and performance of the system. If your product is periodically modified and changed, then autotests will automatically check the critical path and you will be sure that your users will always be able to place an order or withdraw funds.


  • periodic monitoring of the stability of the service;
  • imitation of user work;
  • automation of checking the operation of a critical path or some specific functionality of a web service;
  • periodic starts of checks with reports for each;
  • automation of checking the work of API methods;
  • automation of mobile application tests.

What do we offer:

  • development of autotests in Java using selenium + webdriver, appium for mobile platforms;
  • scripts for checking API methods;
  • setting up the Jenkins continuous integration server;
  • setting up the environment for the autotests;
  • various options for running tests (on schedule, manually, by event).