Clearing settlement and private funds

We develope private funds and clearing settlement systems that use plastic cards in closed economic space. Simply say that"s a private funds system. There are many applications for an independent payment systems. Typically it is done with a contactless prepaid cards within:

  • Amusement Parks
  • Retailer Chains
  • Homeowners Associations
  • As a salary and a bonus card within enterprises where it can be used in shops as a payment card
  • Consumer clubs and bonus programs

The use of closed payment systems allow to:

  • Attract additional financial resources
  • Lock employees consumption within the holding
  • Optimize taxes
  • Keep a fine accounting of sales

These solutions are very powerful financial tools. It is a clear commercial advantage and a powerful means of competition, taking into account various features of payment systems.

In this market today there are a lot of commercial shortcomings and in addition to the technical development of payment systems, we can provide consulting services in this area.

Development of a card payment system

Clearing settlement or payment by card is the usual form of payment today used by millions of people around the world. Using a card payment system is an integral part of a successful business.

We offer a development of card payment systems. This type of mobile acquiring allows to carry out transactions with cards from various banks and payment systems in a matter of seconds and simplifies the payment process.