Corporate systems

A corporate information system (corporate portal) is a scalable system for the integrated automation of all types of activities of companies and corporations with single management.

Tasks of the corporate system (portal):

  • Management of administrative and operational activities of the enterprise: financial accounting, sales processes, production, materials management, planning, interaction with suppliers and partners.
  • Strengthening communication between organizational units, reducing errors, reducing the number of unnecessary operations, simplifying forecasting and planning processes, reducing costs, and improving business processes.
  • Protection and preservation of information from the penetration of unwanted persons.
  • What do we offer:

    • Analysis and optimization of the current business processes of the company.
    • Full integration with current process management tools: document management systems, accounting programs, task-tracker (task and project management), CRM, HR — personnel management.
    • Development (ERP) system for the company's requests from scratch: workflow, accounting, customer and transaction management, personnel management, accounting, and planning of the workload of employees.
    • Integration with client applications: 1C, Microsoft, Google, Apple.
    • Game mechanics in motivation processes.
    • Scaling and optimization for high load.

    The advantages of working with us:

    • Our staff includes more than 100 experts of various specializations, so your tasks will be solved without the involvement of outside employees.
    • We have transparent development processes: we provide project progress reports regularly.
    • We will make our communications comfortable for you considering your time zone and work schedule.
    • We will suggest the most effective and reliable solutions from the modern technology stack for your project.
    • We will provide you with a 1-year warranty for the web applications created by us.

    Feel free to contact us and get a free consultation, project evaluation, and of course development of your project!