Electronic currency exchange systems

The e-currency exchange service is a specialized online service for exchanging e-currency for payment means of other electronic systems.

Tasks that are solved by the product:

  • Online exchange of electronic currency into another currency with withdrawal or storage on the client's account.
  • Management and configuration of affiliate programs.
  • Algorithms for the interaction of external services to obtain exchange rates with the exchange service and payment mechanisms.
  • Management of reserves of currencies and currency groups.
  • Displaying reporting data on the operations performed on the service.

What do we offer?

  • We design each component of the exchange system taking into account possible threats and vulnerabilities.
  • We select exchanges and services for storing user wallets for the requests of each of the projects.
  • We implement a convenient service management system for the operator.
  • During the development process, we monitor changes in the field of currencies to adapt products to the conditions in which they will be launched.
  • Before launch, the product is thoroughly tested: safety, load, consistency of operations.
  • We give recommendations after launch to get top positions in the ratings of exchangers (Bestchange).