Interface design

The interface is the main channel of interaction between the user and our product, but not the only one. The user interacts with the product through salespeople, advertisements, and other points of contact. Our goal is to design the entire interaction cycle and adapt the interface for this - UX.

During interface design:

  • We study all channels of user interaction with the product
  • Diving into your marketing strategy to align your product with your overall campaign plan
  • We design the entire cycle of user interaction with the product: mailings, notifications, possible cold calls to managers
  • After the designed UX, we render the screens
  • We create a dynamic prototype - a mockup of the future application, according to which the final design will be made
  • We check the main user scripts for consistency and completeness

As a result of the work, we get:

  • Scenarios of user interaction with the product for each channel
  • Described product architecture with all components for visualizing the interface
  • Description of the full cycle of user interaction not only through the interface
  • Dynamic prototype for graphic design and testing on user groups