Load testing

Load testing is an analysis of the performance of a system. How many specific operations the application and the server are guaranteed to withstand. Determination of the peak load after which the system stops functioning normally.


  • Performance testing.
    Measurement of the execution time of selected operations at certain intensities of these operations. Determination of the maximum number of users simultaneously working with the application;
  • Stress testing.
    Allows you to check how efficient the application and the system as a whole are under stress conditions and also to assess the ability of the system to return to normal after the stress has ceased;
  • Stability or reliability testing.
    Checking the performance of the application under prolonged load. We check for memory leaks, server restarts under load and other aspects affecting the stability of work .;
  • Identify bottlenecks and resource-intensive operations.

What do we offer:

  • Development of scripts for writing tests;
  • Implementation of scripts in JMeter;
  • Providing a report with metrics and descriptions, as well as recommendations for optimization.