Personal accounts for Microfinance Institutions (MFI)

Software for microfinance institutions" work organization. The basic properties of this class of software:

  • Integrated CRM-System
  • Private accounts for borrowers
  • Keeping the history for each borrower
  • Support for external information pools: bank credit histories and other
  • Intelligent Systems for rapid assessment of borrowers
  • Alerts systems for borrowers
  • Private accounts for external creditors, which allow to massively raise borrowed individual funds

It is possible to extend this functionality through the development of private account. By focusing on specifics of this business we are ready to offer a unique software for multilevel business, for business with a multi-level structure and various operation, and software for microfinance institutions.

The program for microfinance institutions

Software development for microfinance institutions helps to automate all activities of enterprises both small and large financing, to organize a full monitoring and analysis of the borrower"s behavior, to simplify the security checks while working with the client.

Existing software solutions for microfinance institutions today do not cover the whole range of aspects they are facing since they have been developed by a specific customer or for specific needs. Therefore, they need to be improved and advanced. We offer both: design(planning) and setup, and implementation of a software.