Personal accounts for MLM-companies

We are developing systems of personal accounts for MLM-companies. This is not just a system of personal accounts but a complete accounting systems that supports:

  • Custom Marketing Plan
  • Bonus accounting in real time
  • Automation and warehouses support
  • Product logistics accounting
  • Any commercial tools inside
  • Plans and tasks management
  • Interchange of bonuses
  • Internal micro-economy based on private currency
  • Full accounting and reporting system
  • Multilingual interface support
  • Individual design

This system provides a rapid grow of MLM-companies. Everyone will do their work. Besides the obvious benefits we provide system resilience on high loads and banking standards level of security. Please contact us to request more information.

This kind of software for MLM-companies is designed to structure this type of business.

Development of personal accounts

Personal Account – is a special section of the site available only to you. Based on goals and objectives, personal account may contain certain set of features designed specifically for your company. Usually, personal account gives comprehensive information on the status of the account, connected services, provides stats of sessions and payments.

Authorization is required to enter a personal account. It can be performed in various ways: via e-mail and password or, for example, through text message.