Pay for

This option is well suited to those who already have а technical assignment of a project, so it is highlighted and has a clear framework. With this option the cost and terms are determined at the start of the project at a rate of $25-35 per hour. The larger the project the lower the cost.

In fact, this type of workflow provides a minimum economic efficiency of 150% in compare to the internal teams working on the same project.

With this scheme, all the work and salary of the performers is completely transparent to you. We form a team for you, which on an ongoing basis and exclusively works exclusively for your project. In fact, this is a complete outsourcing of the development and our team becomes a self-organized department of your company. At the same time, it is unnecessary to care about the search for personnel, their professionalism, workplaces, labor legislation and taxes.

In fact, this way of working is more economical for the customer. As practice shows, we provide economic efficiency of + 150% - + 200% of the internal teams of companies assembled in the Moscow region. Those who begin to work with us, quickly dismiss their development departments.

Five Easy Steps to Develop

Analysis of requirements

Reveal the purpose and objectives of the project, identifies the target audience and the potential of the project.

Designing and prototyping the product

Dynamic prototypes and specifications provide an opportunity to understand the depth of the product.

Product development

The core of the product determines its potential for years in advance.

Commercial launch of the product

The most important stage where everything begins.

Product support and development

When users like the product they ask more features so it gives the opportunity to earn more.

We are always open to suggestions

These options for determining a cost of work can be combined in any order. For example, we can do the first development with payment for the result and when we provide support we change pricing arrangementds to the assigned employees.