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Helping brands find the shortest path to the hearts of people through high technology

Our company has began to work in the field of web development in 2001 and until 2013 "Freematiq" was engaged in developing services for a narrow range of customers without going to the mass market. In May 2013 it was decided to enter the market of web development in the field of financial applications. "Freematiq" features creating exclusive projects with a unique development plan that is most suitable for this project. In fact "Freematiq" becomes an executive unit within the client's company in order to help client's business to grow.

Over the years we have learned to build trustful relationships with our customers. Our long-term partnership strategy is to create mechanisms for revenue growth for our clients, thereby increasing our own.

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Total number of employees: (as of December 2017) – more than 100 employees. 80% of them – Developers, and 20% – Analysts, Designers, Administrators, Executives, Testers, Support staff.


Specialization: Development of financial and management web applications working under high loads and having a high level of security.


Basic technologies: Linux / Unix, Nginx, PHP, SQL, PL / SQL, NoSQL, HTML5, Dynamic CSS.


Number of completed projects in the subject area - more than 50.


Getting Started in Web Development - 2000.


First projects in the field of financial applications – 2003 as a part of another company.


"Freematiq" has been registered as a separate legal entity – 2006.

Why us?

We use the financial and management framework QUARTZ, which allows to guarantee the safety and accuracy of all operations. This solution allows you to quickly create applications with complex logic, and at the same time ensure the fault tolerance of the system at high loads.
Our team has more than 10 years of experience developing specialized applications. During this time we have developed a sufficient number of basic solutions as well as mastered a number of related areas, such as: programming of specialized equipment, server administration, voice services management, mobile networks, cryptocurrency, ICO and the like. When choosing us there is no need to look for narrow specialists for individual tasks, most likely we either already own this technology or we are ready to master it within your project.

We use Agile methodology within a project management, which allows us to get the best possible result in the shortest possible time.
We use the SCRUM development methodology, which allows us to get working solutions in a short time. And the short steps in the development maximize the monetization of the project.
Simple and transparent pricing. You can pay for the result or for employees involved in the project.