Automation for corporate meal orders

Ever faced collective order problems? We are regular! Someone did not have time, someone forgot, mixed up the menu by day, remained hungry — the daily problems of our office.

Now everything is much simpler: we order the kitchen in the personal account, the order is brought for everyone and in the configuration in which they ordered.

Service composition::

  • Personal account for ordering;
  • Kitchen admin interface;
  • Website for registering and attracting new users.

Site tasks:

  • Attracting new users;
  • Registration in personal account;
  • Display of the current menu by day.

Personal account tasks:

  • A single basket for the organization with a breakdown of orders by employees, so that it is more convenient to form payment for each;
  • Possibility of ordering by employees for several days in advance;
  • Manage your orders — cancel, redo.

Administrator tasks:

  • Order status management;
  • Change order;
  • Printed form for transfer to the kitchen.

Key technical features:

  • Implementation on 1C-Bitrix;
  • A unique development of a common basket for the organization;
  • Dividing the catalog into days of the week;
  • Registration with linking users to the company profile;
  • Automatic calculation of shipping costs.

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