"Bit4Sale" — by card cryptocurrency buying service

Interest in cryptocurrency does not disappear, as evidenced by the development of new services for its purchase and exchange.

Bit4Sale is the case when it is safe and convenient to carry out operations with cryptocurrency. Bit4Sale supports such types of cryptocurrencies as bitcoin, etherium, litecoin, bcash abc, ripple. You can pay for the purchased cryptocurrency by card in the currency: $ or €.

The entire operation of the service is fully automated, which excludes errors, and manual intervention is minimized.

Key technical features of the project:

  • Open-source database PostgreSQL;
  • Yii2 Framework;
  • The RabbitMQ queue server is used to deliver information;
  • API integration with the exchange;
  • Integration with payment acceptance service;
  • Adaptive layout.

Service features::

The project consists of three major blocks:

  1. Promo site
  2. Client's account
  3. Administration panel

The administration panel is the main tool of the owner and operators of the crypto-exchanger. Here are the advanced settings of the service, a complete list of clients, applications. Through the administration panel, it is possible to make a final cut for evaluating statistics and profitability.