CoshKey Personalized Password Management System

Nowadays it is impossible to find a company that is not using data encryption and password protection. Each company is trying to find secure ways of keeping confidential data away from the public eye while also providing full or partial access to said data for its employees. The way has already been found, and that is CoshKey – a software that collects and stores passwords and personal data. CoshKey ensures security access to your company's database via separate personalized accounts.

Main technical features:

  • Based on open source database PostgreSQL
  • Yii2 Framework
  • AdminLTE-based administration panel
  • Adaptive design depending on the device the software is run on

Working scenarios:

  • Employing a new worker
  • Using the software with a large number of keys
  • Passwords and folders display optimization (portable and full-size)
  • Discharging workers and memory transfer


  • Password creation and editing, directory tree
  • Privacy settings, saving passwords or folders with other users
  • Password history with the rollback option
  • Password generator with settings
  • Password encryption through personalized user keys
  • Update history log, which displays account activity
  • "My Settings" section (password complexity, personal data, etc.)
  • The possibility of installing the server onto a server
  • Password viewing log, authorization log, changelog
  • Email-based invitation to the system


For this project, safety is the top priority, which is why we kept the design simple and sketch-based. As part of the brainstorming sessions, the development team conducted a poll among their colleagues to get the idea of the features that the software could use. Based on the data acquired they put together a simple user-friendly interface.

Want to get this piece for your company?

The software can be installed onto your company server or cloud