DeloKassa — online cash register for your business

If you are looking for a smart product that would combine commodity accounting, accepting bank cards, additional tools for monitoring and developing a business, and also meets all the requirements of Federal Act №54, then DeloKassa is your choice.

This online cash register is the development of DeloBank, inspired by entrepreneurs and implemented by the Freematiq developers. The joint approach allowed us to take into account all the requests and needs of real users and create a truly smart solution that optimizes business processes. Thus, DeloKassa may easily become an additional impetus for the development of the business.

Key technical features of the project:

  • The backend application is based on Yii2 — an object-oriented component framework written in PHP and implementing the MVC paradigm;
  • PostgreSQL is used as a database — a free object-relational database management system;
  • MemCached software is used for the service of caching data in RAM based on a hash table;
  • To optimize queries for reports / dashboards, a powerful analytical DBMS is used — VERTICA;
  • The frontend part of the project is written using the AngularJS framework;
  • Backend and Frontend communication is done via REST API;
  • Checkout implemented in JAVA;
  • Android 4.2+ support;
  • Working with API through the Retrofit library;
  • The project is compatible with "1C: Trade and Warehouse", "1C: Accounting".

Service features:

  • Convenient personal account for entrepreneurs, owners of small and medium-sized businesses;
  • Inventory management and tracking of stocks in real-time;
  • Manage discounts, create and print price tags and barcodes;
  • Automatic reconciliation of totals for the acquiring terminal;
  • All data from DeloKassa is instantly displayed in the personal account and is available to the entrepreneur around the clock;
  • Sale of various types of goods, services, technological maps;
  • The possibility of integration using an open API to fiscalize orders from your online stores;
  • Fiscalization of orders;
  • Integration with goods accounting from Evotor;
  • Work with various cash registers, such as MSPOS, SHTRIH-M, Atol;
  • Working with FPS (fast payment service, actively developing in Russia).

What tasks do we solve?

  • Fully meets the requirements of Federal Act №54, which is mandatory from July 1, 2019, for anyone who sells a product or service to individuals;
  • The entrepreneur receives a management accounting system with detailed analytics;
  • Reports on all sales, product movements, warehouse information;
  • Small business gets the opportunity to use business tools that were previously available only to large companies.


DeloKassa uses a visual style common to all DeloBank projects, which allows you to maintain the uniformity of projects.

The interface has a simple and straightforward look, which is achieved through a preliminary analysis of innovations.

developers are working on the project
15 000
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