Development of a rule table for TELE2

Freematiq specialists designed and implemented the interface of one of the control system modules for a large mobile operator — TELE2. The updated module simplifies the work of company employees significantly. Now they can customize the criteria for sending SMS notifications to their customers through a friendly and intuitive interface, rather than a huge Excel spreadsheet..

An example of one of the conditions:
If a client arrives in Russia, and his number is connected to the "Light" tariff and the balance is less than 0, then the client needs to send an SMS "Welcome home! Don't forget to top up your balance to stay in touch! ".

There are many similar algorithms. But now they are set up much faster.

Key technical features of the project:

  • The backend part of the application is implemented using Java;
  • Frontend part — Angular 7;
  • The interaction of the frontend and backend parts of the application is implemented using the REST API;
  • Library Karma is used for autotests;
  • Integration with Ag-grid for working with the tabular section.

Service features:

The rule table interface can be logically divided into 3 blocks:

  1. functional panel
  2. rule table
  3. filters

The functional panel is responsible for actions that can be performed with the table — edit, save, hide / show blank columns.

The rule table is the main functional element. Cells are edited quickly due to interactivity and thoughtful details. Each column can have its own data type: text, numbers, drop-down list, etc. Highlighting of changed data in cells and rows has been implemented.

Filters allow you to hide data that you do not need to display at the moment.

What tasks do we solve?

  1. Avoiding awkward and cumbersome Excel tables;
  2. Reducing the time spent on setting up the rules for sending SMS;
  3. Reducing human mistakes.


The project is designed in the general style of the system. In our work, we used Google Material Design, due to which the interface turned out to be laconic and familiar.

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