E-commerce platform for joint purchasing

Joint purchasing organized on various Internet boards has gained popularity over the last few years.

It is likely that the demand will only increase as this way of buying things has proved to be more profitable and convenient.

Before, joint purchasing was restricted to certain theme boards only, and now it has found a new medium that is pre-order e-commerce platforms.

Platforms like "Customer Union" offer solid competition to low-budget websites and showrooms. There are a few similar platforms or functional expansions for boards on the market.

However, what makes "Customer Union" different is its internal financial system (financial core) as well as its administrative component (organization of work).

Main technical features:

  • Yii2 Framework
  • Based on open source database PostgreSQL
  • AdminLTE-based administration panel
  • Bootstrap template


  • personal account (three user types) with the possibility of creating new user types by setting up privacy
  • catalogue (filling and viewing). There are two ways of filling the catalogue: uploading a price list and manual filling as well as automatic filling from the server
  • shopping cart (placing orders for yourself and your clients)
  • order (placement and management)
  • specific elements for joint purchasing (buying, statuses, series of products, additions)
  • payments (in-system wallet and possibility to work with external payments through a notification system)
  • reports and Excel file extraction
  • ratings and reviews
  • chat
  • referral system
  • domestic advertising (possibility to put ad banners on the site)

Carried out tasks:

  • legalization of joint purchasing grey market
  • automation of the process of joint purchasing
  • increased joint purchasing accessibility
  • possibility to increase sales geography (by connecting any country or city)
  • additional monetization

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