"EK5" for the courier delivery service CDEK

The well-known logistics company CDEK operates throughout Russia, but its geography is not limited to this — offices and pick-up points are currently operating in Thailand, Armenia, Belarus, Germany, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China. By the way, each of the listed countries has its own sales department, and each employee has an individually developed motivation system. In general, motivation systems in modern companies (especially such large ones as CDEK) are a necessity. But the issue is that there are many employees and you need to take into account the personal characteristics of each when drawing up motivation. Therefore, to help HR specialists, it was decided to introduce the latest assistant system.

Key technical features of the project:

  • Open source database — PostgreSQL / MySQL;
  • Spring Framework 4
  • ORM MyBatis
  • The RabbitMQ queue server is used to deliver information.

Service features:

  • After writing a module for calculating bonuses for sales managers (based on complex calculation algorithms), it is possible to manage the settings for this calculation, depending on changes in the conditions of motivation.

What task do we solve?

  • To interact with franchising, a REST API module has been written that retrieves information from a MySQL database.