Exhibition search and preparation platform

Participation in exhibitions (both global and local) is an integral part of the positioning of a modern company. New business contacts are generated there and the company can declare itself and its products or services publicly. Specialists whose activities are related to exhibitions (both searching for the most suitable options and preparing for participation in them) probably know how large-scale and labor-intensive this work is. So, the creation of a platform for searching and preparing for the exhibition has already become a necessity, especially taking into account that the popularity of exhibitions is becoming wider every year.

This is how Protoplan was conceived and implemented. It is a resource that contains up-to-date information about all exhibitions in the world, as well as useful tools for exhibitors and organizers.

Key technical features of the project:

  • Open source MySQL database is used;
  • The server-side of the application is implemented using the Yii2 Framework;
  • The client-side of the application is implemented using AngularJS;
  • The interaction of the client and system parts of the application is implemented using the REST API;
  • The layout was assembled using the Fuse application;
  • For stable mail sending, a RabbitMQ queue server is used;
  • The exhibition catalog is integrated into the main Protoplan application, written in the Yii2 Framework. Authorization occurs through a common session database and browser cookie;
  • The application runs on the existing database of the main Protoplan application;
  • The MemCached server is used to store the cache.

Service features:

  • Possibility to choose exhibitions from all over the world in the Protoplan exhibition catalog and start preparing for them using ExpoPlanner;
  • Send an application, request information from the organizer of any exhibition in the world directly. All contacts are collected and verified.
  • Organization of an advertising campaign for participation in the exhibition. Generating traffic to the stand and services for collecting and processing visitors' contacts.

What tasks do we solve?

  • Exhibition plan (taking into account the recommendations of world research institutions and organizations) allows you to make the right choice;
  • More than 1500 shows around the world;
  • Demonstration of products and services at the exhibition using 3D technologies, holograms, and virtual presentations. New opportunities to attract audience attention and save budget;
  • A unique database will be useful to all marketers and managers whose activities are related to exhibitions.

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