Gamification to increase sales

All modern companies are interested in employees being motivated for more successful personal and career development. Therefore, HR specialists develop all kinds of motivational and reward systems. One of the original approaches is playful. So, NOVEX came up with the idea to create its own corporate game for all branches.

Freematiq and NOVEX present a casual game aimed at fulfilling and overfulfilling sales targets. The rules are simple — play, get prizes, and make your store better!

Key technical features of the project:

  • Open source PostgreSQL database;
  • Yii2 Framework;
  • To obtain promptly up-to-date data, WebSocket is used;
  • The adaptive layout makes it possible to work on any electronic device;
  • Integration with the Telegram messenger;
  • Complex logic of processing files loaded into the game (with data).

Service features:

  • Participants register in Telegram;
  • Each participant represents his store;
  • The main task of the players is to compete in terms of sales;
  • As the game progresses, ratings are formed;
  • Also, incentives have been introduced in the form of in-game currency, which after the accounting period can be exchanged for real prizes;
  • There is a possibility of mailing between players (one-way communication is available).

What tasks do we solve?

  • Encourages and motivates store directors to sell more or provide the appropriate service for a stable sales target;
  • Supports customer loyalty as from the competition (in terms of service), consumers always benefit.
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