"Land of Harvest": an online platform for selling farm products

"Land of Harvest" is a platform for everyone who wishes to buys or sell farm products. The aim of this online platform was to create an open space that allowed farmers and eco-manufacturers to communicate with their customers directly to ensure quick feedback and product availability. Today, restaurant suppliers and other professionals of the HoReCa industry are actively getting involved in the platform.

Main technical features:

  • Yii2 Framework
  • Search filter for finding necessary products (city, settlement/product category/range of products)
  • Additional search filter based on pricing and reviews

Marketing features

  1. Quality control system for the items presented on the website;
  2. Help in reducing the costs of building materials for farms, equipment and forage;
  3. A support programme for attracting investments into the farming sector through crowdfunding platforms;
  4. Free advertising for farms;
  5. Laying the foundation for helping the farms find new employees and creating jobs for agrarian school alumni;
  6. Solving logistics issues for remote settlements and establishing sales channels.


The concept is based on direct association with eco-products and farming industry: countryside, sun, bright colours, green pastures, and so on. The front page gives a demonstration of food items available on the platform. The website is not just all colours, it is user-friendly and intuitive as well thanks to UX/UI design.

Use the website now

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