Meme-messenger "The MEMESENGER" mobile app for Android and iOS

Nowadays memes (a meme is a unit of cultural information – an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a group of people via text, speech, videos, gestures, rituals, etc.) have become such an integral part of our everyday life that it is impossible to imagine online communication without them. It was only a matter of time before the first meme-based messengers would appear.

The Memesenger is a messaging app that allows users to communicate according to the following rules:

  1. No words in the app, just memes. A user can send a meme-message to another user if the latter has the app installed as well.
  2. Each meme in the app has a form of an audiovisual sticker. The audio provides the sound a meme makes or represents, and the image represents the character (or the author) of the meme.
  3. The delivered audiovisual sticker will play the sound automatically if the recipient has the app installed on their phone.

Want to prank a friend who is going through an important exam or having a job interview? Need to have some fun while hanging out with your college friends? Easy! All you need to do is download and run "The Memessenger" app on your phone and send some memes flying to your friends' at the most crucial moments! Your friends will sure be surprised and it will set the mood for the rest of the day – we guarantee it.

Main technical features:

Back end:

  • Python 3.5 (aiohttp)-based Python 3.5 (aiohttp)
  • Swagger-based API
  • Docker is used to structure the development process
  • RabbitMQ is used for asynchronous tasks
  • All data is stored on Redis
  • Based on PostgreSQL, the open source database

Front end:

  • Android mobile app
    • Java, Kotlin, Realm, ReactiveX, Firebase
  • iOS mobile app
    • Swift 3, Swagger-client, Realm, Firebase
  • Personal account (web)
    • Swagger-js, React/Redux, Bootstrap, adaptive layout
    • Admin account (web)
    • Swagger-js, React/Redux, AdminLTE, adaptive layout


  • All memes are pictures with corresponding sounds
  • To send a meme, pick somebody from your contact list and send the sticker you want
  • Once the meme is delivered, the recipient's device will play the sound
  • You can also buy official merchandise such as t- shirts and socks with your favourite memes in the app.

In conclusion, here are a few facts worthy of a dank meme:

  • More than $200 000 worth of private investments
  • $500 000 is the overall cost of the project
  • A total of $50 000 of investments from IIDF

Time to exchange memes on iOS

If you have an Android device, you can download the app here


Before rebranding the app was called the epic messenger "Dich" because of its bright orange interface ("dich" is colloquial Russian for something crazy and absurd). Later the project was renamed "The MEMESENGER" to make it more approachable for internation audience.