Personal accounts for the City Power Grid

Now, for the clients of the Barnaul City Power Grid, the tenth day of the month does not mean finding time to pay the electricity bill at the bank, company or post office to avoid late fees.

It is more convenient for the client — online personal accounts are available for individuals and legal entities, where you can pay debts or create an invoice for payment at any time and in any convenient place!

Each of the personal accounts was developed based on the needs of future users. So, a personal account for legal entity has a lot of settings and allows you to obtain summary information in the desired context. And personal account for individuals is minimalistic, intuitive, and very easy to use. To use the basic functions of the personal account, it is enough to register and link your personal account to the cabinet.

This project is another step in facilitating the interaction between clients and the City Power Grid. The development of the project does not end there, soon the clients will have a new, convenient functionality of the company's electronic resource.

Service features:

  • Submission of applications and appeals;
  • View a list of client’s applications;
  • Linking several personal accounts to a profile;
  • Submission of meter readings of different types;
  • Possibility to edit the entered readings during the readings entry period;
  • View meter reading history;
  • View the list of charges;
  • Download and view documents;
  • View the status of a personal account;
  • Full and partial payment of accruals on your personal accounts;
  • View payment history;
  • View the current state of a personal account;
  • Configuring notifications.


When developing the design, the main focus was on maintaining the corporate identity of the company and supporting the slogan "It's always light with us!"

The design is worked out to the smallest detail: every button, icon, and link are thought out to help the client as quickly as possible in resolving his issue. The design excludes too bright and flashy elements that could distract the user. Also, the restrained style does not knock out personal accounts from the ergonomics of all the company's IT products.

In general, the design fully meets modern requirements: it turned out to be light, comfortable and stylish.

Key technical features of the project:

  • CMS "1C-Bitrix";
  • Integration with the customer's billing system;
  • Integration with "1C-Electronic workflows";
  • Integration with the Uniteller online cashier + online fiscalization of payments.

What tasks do we solve?

  • Increasing the level of service provided by the company;
  • The simplicity of interaction - to have an answer to your question you do not need to call the "hotline" or go to the company's office;
  • Save time employees spend on service.
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