Site for Cortel customers

The age of cloud technology has arrived, and Cortel is passionate about projects of any complexity. Our part of the job was to bring this up on their website. This company completely takes over the entire infrastructure of customers, relieving them of the worry about the right hardware, data migration, and software updates.

What tasks do we solve?

  • develop a new company website;
  • maximize the benefits of cooperation with Cortel;
  • minimally load the interface;
  • fully confirm the information that sales managers tell clients personally;
  • simplify navigation so that a client who has not communicated with Cortel managers before will find everything that interests him about the company's services;
  • make a modern design that shoots right at the pain of the target audience.

What has been done?

We started with analytics: the customer's team knows its client very well, this helped to quickly and formulate the goals and objectives of the site, and draw up portraits of target characters.

Based on the portraits of the characters, we worked out the structure of the site as a whole and each page in particular. It is categorically important to achieve a balance of information richness and simple site navigation so that the complex hierarchy of pages does not confuse the visitor.


We worked on an interesting task briskly. It was necessary to maintain a balance of information saturation and simple navigation. The work on the design concept ended with the creation of light, laconic, but at the same time austere design.

Service tasks:

  • Company image on the Internet;
  • Providing the opportunity for site users to receive confirmation of the information that he first learned from the sales manager;
  • Removing the burden from sales managers at the stage of registration of transactions.

Key technical features of the project:

  • The site is on 1C-Bitrix;
  • Integration with customer's CRM.
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