WorkShop — repair shop automation web application

Freematiq's virtual expansion outside the Russian Federation is gaining momentum. Today we will talk about a new interesting project that we are implementing together with our colleagues from France.

Together, we have developed an application for automating work within workshop companies for the repair of various equipment. This application helps service workers to keep a complete record of orders, repair stages, repair payments, send notifications to the user via SMS, as well as keep full reporting and statistics of their activities. Convenient calendar planning is also provided.

It is noteworthy that the application is adapted only for the full-time, internal work of workshop employees, that is, there is no general access to it.

Our main task was to develop the front-end application itself based on the API according to the technical specification.

Key technical features of the project:

  • Development is carried out on ReactJS;
  • The fully-automated app builds using Jenkins software;
  • The design was based on the FLATY Admin template;
  • The adaptive layout makes it possible to work on any electronic device;
  • Localizations (Russian, English, French).

Long term relationship

The customer is constantly working to improve and expand the capabilities of the app, with each new version it solves more and more of the customer's problems, smoothly replacing additional tools and turning into a full-fledged corporate planning and accounting system (ERP, CRM).

Features of the project:

  • Customer from France;
  • Communication language — English;
  • Different time zones.